Private Lessons

Short Term Private Lessons

These are a good option if you are trying to improve a certain aspect of your dancing, or if you want to refine or learn a choreography for an event or competition. Lessons can be held in your home or a studio.

Long Term Private Lessons

If you are looking to improve or begin belly dance and can dedicate a longer period of time to lessons, this is the option for you! Lessons can be held in your own home or a studio. I will teach at your pace and start at whatever level you are comfortable in. You can set a goal or just work towards overall improvement.


Online Lessons 

This is the perfect option if you are not in the Manchester area or if you have a busy schedule. Lessons can be done live via Skype or a series of critiques of your performances, skills, technique and so forth. I'll work with you depending on your level and intenet. The first lesson is always free, click here to sign up!

Group Lessons

If you have between two and ten people who are interested in short term or long term lessons, I suggest this option. Attention will be spent on each person with emphasis on personal improvement. This is also an ideal option for troupe training and choreography. (Special circumstances can be made for additional people if it is a troupe.)


Office Lessons

Looking for something fun to do on your lunch break? Why not take up belly dance. This is a great way to improve your work day by adding a bit of fitness and fun.


Kanika is based in Manchester, UK. (Out of town lessons are also available.) If you are interested in lessons, please email
Weekly Classes 
New Classes Coming Soon!



Individual Professional Training
Syllabus-based lessons designed for individuals interested in a career within belly dance. Lessons can be private or semi-private (up to 4 people).
 Professional Raqs Sharki Training For Adults

These lessons are designed for the dancer who is interested in going pro. The focus will be to improve your level with the ultimate goal of achieving professional ability and technique. You will be trained in dance methods for different setting and venues; different styles; rhythms; props; history; audience interaction; emotional connection; improve; and more. We will work towards you becoming a more well rounded dancer. Lessons can be held in your home or in a studio.



Professional Raqs Sharki Training For Children

I firmly believe that teaching young girls the art of Raqs Sharki is an incredibly useful tool towards developing their self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, and health. I started learning this dance form very young and can testify to the positive effects. These lessons will be taught within a historic and technically accurate frame. Students will learn correct movement, alignment, technique, historical consideration, and historic contributors. While the student will have fun, extreme emphasis will be placed on proper technique and developing correct movement. Lessons can be held in your home or at a studio.